Saranac Waterfront Lodge, located in the heart of the Adirondack High Peaks in Saranac Lake, New York, wants your help in pampering a few deserving pups.

On Aug. 26, which happens to be National Dog Day, the hotel is launching its new “Dogcations for Donations” program, which gives lodge guests an opportunity to directly impact the lives of the dogs housed at the region’s Tri-Lakes Humane Society.

Here’s how it works: Through Dogcations for Donations, Saranac Waterfront Lodge guests can pre-arrange a time to take a dog out of the shelter for a day-long fostering. Those taking part in the program will be provided with an approved lineup of activities that their specific pup will enjoy. This includes plenty of water activities like paddle boarding and boating, along with hiking, and even a lakeside lunch at the lodge’s on-site restaurant, Boathouse, for guests and their new four-legged friends to enjoy. The program requires a $40 donation, which is fully matched by the hotel.

“It’s well-known that humans positively benefit from taking time off and connecting with loved ones, and that includes spending time with our pets,” Anura Dewapura, managing director of Saranac Waterfront Lodge, shared in a statement. “At Saranac Waterfront Lodge, we’re hoping to return the favor to a group of animals that need it most — those who are without families and living in sheltered scenarios. We’re grateful to Tri-Lakes Humane Society for partnering with us on this program so we can help bring love and happiness to the animals in their care.”

Of course, if you do take part in the program, and fall in love with your puppy match, you could always apply to the shelter to make it a forever thing. But, even if you just spend a day with these dogs, know you’re doing a world of good.

“Social isolation is one of the greatest stressors for shelter dogs,” Carla Stroud, shelter director at the Tri-Lakes Humane Society, added in the statement. “Numerous studies have shown that human interaction reduces cortisol levels in shelter dogs, with greater effects shown after longer periods of interaction. Dogcations offer a chance for dogs at the shelter to enjoy some relief from the stresses of kennel life and the opportunity to express normal behaviors.”